It Takes A Community

Our Values

AgTech Talks is a FREE information service for the food industry. We want to encourage a productive, collaborative, non-competitive space for everyone to pull together and support each other.

Please join us.  Together we have the knowledge and skills to help stabilize food security in Canada.   Sound lofty?  Perhaps.  But you never know till you try.

"We are all part of the food ecosystem."

AgTech Talks was created by a few passionate souls who want to support the agrifood industry as it transitions from selling face-to-face to online.

Gayle Palas
Sincerely, Gayle Palas
I firmly believe that together is the way we will get through COVID 19. Growing up on a farm, I learned very early in life that communities pulling together is how to get through a crisis. Thanks Mom & Dad.

This Is For All Companies

It doesn't matter how big or small your company is or what area of the food industry you are involved in.  Primary production, processing, packaging, distribution, associations, service providers or others.

AgTech Talks exists to help bridge the knowledge gap between selling face-to-face and selling online.

Why AgTech Talks?

When I was 10 yrs old, my dad had a farm accident and lost his right arm.  It was August, there was hay to bale, crops to bring in, cows to milk, the timing couldn't have been worse.   Without hesitation, the little farming community of Oakville, MB came together and even though they all had their own crops to harvest and chores to do, they baled our hay, brought in our crops, milked our cows and made food for our family until we were back on our feet.   It was a powerful lesson and one that I never forgot.

That is what communities do.   We help each other.  I hope that is what AgTech Talks is for you.     ~ Gayle

A Few Fabulous People Who Helped Make This Happen

Victoria Doerkson

Systems & Operations

Nick Murray

Director / Developer at Mountain Air Web Ltd

Ellen Carnahan

Graphic Design Specialist

Mary Ellen Hodgins

Owner, Hodgins & Company Management Consultants Inc.

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