Take your food business to the next level

Working with a coach saves you time and money

If you are struggling to navigate the digital marketing and e-commerce space as a food business, it might be time to work with a coach.

Gayle can guide you through the seemingly endless list of things to do and help you focus on the few things that are truly important to your bottom line.

Contact Gayle today to discuss your needs.

Gayle Palas
Sincerely, Gayle Palas
I firmly believe that together is the way we will get through COVID 19. Growing up on a farm, I learned very early in life that communities pulling together is how to get through a crisis. Thanks Mom & Dad.

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Why Work And Learn With AgriFoodU?

Grow your business

The world has changed and so has how you run your business.  At AgriFoodU we can show you how to leverage the new 'normal' and find the opportunity in the new dynamic marketplace.

Advance Your Skills

Everyone has their own set of skills and abilities.  If you are a DIY'er and want to know more about how to sell your products online, we have the training and coaching you need to pivot when you need to.

Master Selling Online

Selling online is not easy.  Finding the right platform and understanding how to connect with your target audience with the right messaging and story is key to your success.  We can show you how.

You Have Choices

Find Training & DIY  |  Hire an Expert

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