Grocery Home Delivery

Everything you need to make your online grocery program a success

This accelerator program is designed for any enterprise that wants to launch a grocery home delivery service or has already launched a grocery home delivery service but wants advice and support on how to make it more successful.

The focus of the program is to help local/regional food producers find new markets for their products.

Grocery Home Delivery Program

Proven Model

This course will show you what you need to make a profit

Guided Support

We will walk you through the entire process

Individual Coaching

Personalized coaching is available on request

Flexible Delivery

Stream A: 5 weeks

This is for grocery home delivery services that are currently in operation. It will be co-ordinated over a 5-week period and will take attendees through all aspects of their operations to identify how best to increase revenues and save costs.

Stream B: 10 weeks

This is for grocery home delivery start-ups at the planning stage. It will be delivered over a 10-week period, taking attendees through all the components of launching and operating a successful grocery home delivery service.

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Anticipating late May/early June start.  Spaces are limited

Brenda Tjaden

Founder of Sustainable Grain

"Just wanted to let you know that the materials provided today by your good selves were hugely helpful and meaningful in our efforts here in Manitoba. Thank you for offering your extensive knowledge and well-structured templates, and congratulations on all the fine work you've been doing ahead of us all arriving at this pivotal point for farms and food distribution. I really appreciate it and so will all the future eaters of local food that you helped serve today."

Your Facilitators

Darren Stott -Greenchain Consulting

Darren Stott

Greenchain Consulting
Former Marketing & Purchasing Director of SPUD.
David Van Seters - Sustainability Ventures

David Van Seters

President, Sustainability Ventures
Founder and former CEO of SPUD, Canada’s largest grocery home delivery company.

Program Overview

5 Week Program

For grocery home delivery services currently in operation.

Reducing warehouse costs through improved warehouse layout and packing process.

Reducing delivery costs by maximizing delivery routes.

Increasing average order size and margins through product mix and pricing strategy.

Increasing number of orders with targeted marketing and retention strategies.

Maximising staff contribution with effective team management.

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Anticipating late May/early June start.  Spaces are limited

10 Week Program

For grocery home delivery start-ups at the planning stage.

Identifying key product offerings and which suppliers can fill them.

Raising funds to cover initial set up costs and to cover losses prior to reaching breakeven.

Hiring/allocating a home delivery manager/coordinator and other key staff.

Choosing an online ordering platform and training producers on how to use it.

Determining the general pricing strategy and learning about gross margins.

Setting up the warehouse, choosing a packing location and purchasing key equipment.

Setting up the delivery logistics and finding drivers/vehicles.

Designing initial consumer promotions (content, key messaging).

Setting up accounting systems and preparing forecasts for first 12 months.

Setting an initial launch date and preparing a detailed launch plan.

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