Selling Food on Amazon

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Should You Sell Your Food On Amazon?

The Amazon marketplace can be a great fit for some food products and not for others.  We help you figure out if there is an opportunity.

You Have Options

To Sell Your Food Product On Amazon

Enhance Current Listing

We can help you fine tune your current listings to maximize effectiveness and return on investment.

Create a Brand New Listing

Our 7 week Amazon Master Class begins with a product-market fit assessment and ends with a live listing on Amazon.

Hire an Expert To Do It All

If you have determined that Amazon is a good fit for your brand, get our expert team to take over and make it happen.

Is Amazon Right For Your Brand?


Join us for a no obligation webinar to learn how to assess your market fit for your food product on Amazon.

Amazon Training Program

Proven Model

This course will show you what you need to make a profit

Guided Support

We will walk you through the entire process.

Individual Coaching

Personalized coaching is available on request

Training Program Facilitator


Danny Carlson

Kenji ROI
Kenji ROI

Amazon Listing Options


For food companies that already have an Amazon listing who want to streamline and optimize.

I don't want to DIY this

Hire an Expert

Don't want to learn how to do it yourself?  No problem. It is not for everyone. Hire our team instead and we'll look after the details.


7 Week Program

For food companies that want to start selling on Amazon.

We strongly recommend that you attend one of our free webinars to assist you in assessing the product-market fit in the Amazon ecommerce landscape prior to taking this course. 

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All the steps you need to take when getting started on Amazon

  • Applying for pro seller account
  • Applying for Brand Registry
  • etc

The Triple Optimized Amazon Listing Methodology & Research Documents

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Key Info Communication
  • Persuasive Desire Optimization

Plus much more

Matching Amazon customer buying triggers to key places in your listing

  • Identify & rank the key info about what your customers need to see in order to click
  • Optimizing your listing for Key Info
  • Creating your Copywriter’s Brief document
  • Which keywords & which info should be in which areas of your listing?

Plus much more

The biggest driver of Conversion Rate, turning shoppers into buyers

  • Amazon Image Guidelines
  • The most important image: Main Image Optimization
  • Study the competition & do a competitor test

And much more

Setting up systems & principles to avoid the biggest pitfalls of Amazon

  • Avoiding Account Suspensions from the “Amazon Deadly Sins”
  • Responding to messages in less than 24 hrs. Download the Seller App on phone.
  • Amazon Automated Email Sequences to Cut Down on Negative Reviews & Get More 5 Star Ones

Plus more

  • Terminologies
  • Match types
  • Exact, phrase, broad, broad match modified, negative phrase or exact
  • Search terms vs. Keyword Targets

How to drive keyword ranking on Amazon during product launch

  • The Amazon keyword ranking algorithm
  • Overview of different product launch strategies
  • Using Amazon Ads during launch
FREE Webinar

Find Out If Selling On Amazon is Right for Your Brand

Join us in this free webinar where we review:

  • How Amazon search works
  • Ranking algorithm mostly based on sales, which is influenced by reviews, price, and listing optimization
  • Comparison shopping engine
  • The nature of Amazon Prime customers compared to an ecommerce website
  • Demand analysis, Competitive analysis & Margin Analysis
I don't want to DIY this

Hire an Expert

Don't want to learn how to do it yourself?  No problem. It is not for everyone. Hire our team instead and we'll look after the details.

Not Sure Where to Start?

We offer a free initial consultation based on your needs assessment.

Why Work And Learn With AgriFoodU?

Grow your business

The world has changed and so has how you run your business.  At AgriFoodU we can show you how to leverage the new 'normal' and find the opportunity in the new dynamic marketplace.

Advance Your Skills

Everyone has their own set of skills and abilities.  If you are a DIY'er and want to know more about how to sell your products online, we have the training and coaching you need to pivot when you need to.

Master Selling Online

Selling online is not easy.  Finding the right platform and understanding how to connect with your target audience with the right messaging and story is key to your success.  We can show you how.

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