Ecommerce Solutions For The Food Industry

Selling Food Online

Agrifood Ecommerce

Have you been forced to pivot and sell your food products online?

Have you already got a website that you need to repurpose for ecommerce?

Are you considering building an ecommerce store for just your business or are you one of a group of food businesses looking for the right ecommerce solution?

Ecommerce Websites

Shopify Website Design & Development

Advertising Packages

Strategic guidance for maximum ROI

How it works

Step 1

Determine what to use to sell online

Find the best ecommerce option is for your company

Step 2

Decide to DIY or hire an expert

Review your timeline, budget and team capabilities

Step 3

Amplify your online marketing

Adjust your online marketing to support ecommerce

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Ecommerce solutions for food producers

Determine the right e-commerce solution

  • Do you have a website already and want to add ecommerce to it?
  • Do you need an out of the box solution just for your farm or products?
  • Do you need a solution for a group of food producers?
  • Do you want to add your product to an existing online grocery?

Decide to DIY, hire an expert or a combination of services

There are pros and cons to each option.

  • Company Skillset

    Do you have a team in house that could do some of the work?

  • Timeline

    How soon do you need to be up and running?

Graphic showing ecommerce store development team
  • UpSkill Training

    Do you want to learn how so you can do manage it moving forward?

  • Budget

    Do you have the budget to hire a development team?

Program Features

  • Hone Your Value Proposition

  • Find Your Audience

  • Review Your Marketing Plan

  • Packaging & Pricing

  • Tools for Efficiency

  • Telling a Great Story


Adjust your online marketing to support ecommerce

When you are setting up your ecommerce model, you will need to have a very clear idea of who you are as a business and how you want to convey that.

You no longer have the luxury of face-to-face interactions, body language, tone of voice, spontaneity or random opportunities to converse.

Take the time to get it right now because IT WILL affect your future sales.

Why Work And Learn With AgriFoodU?

Grow your business

The world has changed and so has how you run your business.  At AgriFoodU we can show you how to leverage the new 'normal' and find the opportunity in the new dynamic marketplace.

Advance Your Skills

Everyone has their own set of skills and abilities.  If you are a DIY'er and want to know more about how to sell your products online, we have the training and coaching you need to pivot when you need to.

Master Selling Online

Selling online is not easy.  Finding the right platform and understanding how to connect with your target audience with the right messaging and story is key to your success.  We can show you how.

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